Friday, 11 October 2013

Fractional distillation of petroleum

    Boiling range

Petroleum Gas


          C1 to C4             

  Up to 25◦C

As a fuel, as such in the form of LPG used for the production of carbon black (needed in tyre industry) and hydrogen gas (needed to form NH3 used to manufacture fertilizer).

Petroleum Ether

         C5 to C7

  30 to 80◦C
Used as laboratory solvent and for dry cleaning purposes .

Gasoline or Petrol

        C7 to C10

 80 to 170◦C
Used as fuel in motorcycle motor cars and other light vehicles.It is more volatile then Kerosene oil.It is also used for dry cleaning.

Kerosene oil

       C10 to C12

 170 to 250◦C
Used as domestic fuel, a special grade of it is used as jet fuel.

Diesel oil
       C13 to C15

 250 to 350◦C
Fuel for buses, trucks railway engines, tubewell engines and other heavy vehicles.

Fuel oil

       C15 to C18

 350 to 400◦C
Used in ships and industries to heat boilers and furnaces.

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