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How DNA generate information?

DNA is the genetic material. DNA contain characteristics which transfer from parents to new generation and these characteristics are known as traits.First of all DNA control sequence of amino acids by the sequence of this nucleotides.During protein synthesis, the sequence of DNA nucleotides decide that what will be the sequence of amino acids.For this purpose, the specific sequence of DNA nucleotides is copied in the form of messenger RNA(mRNA) nucleotides.This process is transcription.The mRNA carries the sequence of its nucleotides to ribosome.The ribosome reads this sequence and joins specific amino acids, according to it, to form protein.This step is as translation.The massenger RNA (mRNA) carriy the sequence to ribosome because ribosome is the protein synthesis. 

Poem by robert samber

  A man of words and not of deeds

A man of words and not of deeds,
Is like a garden full of weeds.
And when the weeds begin to grow,
It,s like a garden full of snow.
And when the snow begins to fall,
It,s like the bird upon the wall.
And when the bird away does fly,
It,s like an eagle in the sky.
And when the sky begins to roar,
It,s like a lion at the door.
And when the door begins to crack,
It,s like a stick acroos your back.
And when your back begins to smart,
It,s like a penknife in your heart.
And when your heart begins to bleed,
You,r dead and dead and dead indeed.
                                                                              (Charles Perrault 1628-1703)

                                                                                            Translated by Robert Samber


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What,re amino acids?

  • There are more than 300 amino acid but these 20 amino acids are common in all animals.
  • Amino acids are made up of amino group NH3 and carboxyl group COOH.
  • Amino acids are the building block of protein and are linked by peptide linkage.
  • Two amino acid released water H2O, carboxyl group of first amino acid release hydroxyl ion and amino group of second amino acid release hydrogen ion then hydroxyl ion and hydrogen ion react with each other to form water and when water release from amino acids peptide linkage is form.
  • The general formula of amino acid is;
    here -NH2 is amino group and COOH is carboxyl group.
  • Amino acids are divided into four groups;

  1. Non-polar amino acid
  2. Polar Amino acid
  3. Acidic amino acid
  4. Basic amino acid

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Chemistry is the branch of science in which we study composition,structure,chemical reaction and chemical properties.

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