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Formation of protein.

  • Proteins are the building block of body and are made of amino acid. There are more than 10,000 proteins. The general formula of protein is :

                                                                             ─ C──NH

Hundred and thousand of amino acid combine with peptide linkage and they form protein.there are more than 300 amino acids but twenty are common in all animals. If large amount of peptide linkage is known as polypeptide linkage (poly means long). All amino acid have same general formula the between them is start from R (side chain). Beside R we attach H(hydrogen) and any alkyl group i.e. Methyl, Ethyl. Propyl.

Here are reaction of two amino acid;

 NH2──CH─COOH  +  NH2──CH──COOH͢   ──> NH2[─CH──C──NH]──CH──COOH
               │                             │                                     │                        │
Now we learn how two amino acid react with each other to form protein. First of all we know that Peptide linkage is form when one amino acid release hydroxyl ion and second release hydrogen ion. In above reaction, first amino acid release OH from their carboxyl group and second amino acid release H from their amino group and then water is released. When water is released the peptide linkage is form.The brakets show the general formula of protein. The side chain R means we put in it any type of alkyl group if we H then Glycin amino acid is produce. The side chain R is not show in reaction it is attach with empty bond.

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