Friday, 11 October 2013

Characteristics of important invertebrates

Characteristics of important invertebrates is given below:

      Jelly fish
  • The body is made of two germ layers
          i.e. ectoderm and endoderm.
  • The digestive cavity has only one Opening.
  • There is no respiratory or circulatorySystem.
  • There is no central nervous system
  • Jelly fish are found in oceans.
  • The body is made up of three germ
          Layers i.e. like ectoderm, mesoderm and
  • The digestive cavity has only one Opening.
  • They possess a definite head with sense Organs.
  • Planaria are found in oceans and fresh waters.
  • Planaria is an example of Asexual reproduction.

      Aedes aegypti
  • It belongs to the major group of invertebrates i.e. “insects”.
  • The body is divided into head, thorax and abdomen.
  • They use wings for flight.
  • They possess blood circulatory system and respire
Through special air tubes (tracheal tubes).
  • It lives as free-living but the female transmits the virus
Of dengue fever from one human to the other.
  • The mosquito originated in Africa but is now found throughout  the world.

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